Scented Chapel Candles - Large


When you first begin to burn a pillar candle, you need to burn it for approximately 1 hour per inch of candle diameter to form a complete melt pool. This means that if your candle is 3" in diameter, it will take approximately 3 hours of continuous burning to get a full melt pool. This will help to prevent your candle from 'tunneling' down and leaving a lot of wasted precious wax!As the candle burns, you will want to 'hug' your pillar. This basically involves cupping your hands around the outer rim of the candle and gently running your thumbs around the edge of the top of the pillar, pushing in slightly to form a ridge. This helps to completely burn your pillar, evenly and thoroughly, leaving no wasted or unused wax and therefore extending the life of your candle.

Never blow out the flame on a pillar candle (or any candle, for that matter!), as it can push the wick to one side, making it burn more unevenly and possibly causing your candle to eventually drip. Instead, using a wick dipper or candle snuffer (or some other non-flammable object such as a butter knife), gently press the flame into the melt pool, then lift out of the melt pool before it cools. This will help keep it from smoking as you extinguish it, too! And don't forget, this is also a great time to trim that wick as well!

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